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We have a fully stocked pharmacy and carry a line of prescription dietary items from the most highly regarded suppliers. It is Important that you consult with your doctor to insure that your pet receives the proper care for their particular case. You can visit the web sites of these suppliers and return here by simply closing their window when you have finished.


Tick borne diseases are a growing concern as their range expands each year. We carry FRONTLINE® for control of both fleas and ticks.

Protect both your dogs and cats from heartworm disease. We carry HEARTGARD® for this treatment.

The food your pet eats plays an important role in his or her health and well-being. HILL's® Prescription Diet foods provide specialized formulas to address specific pet problems: Urinary Health, Kidney Conditions, Diabetes Mellitus, Skin Conditions, Digestive Health, Weight Conditions, Oral Health and Dietary Sensitivity.

We carry PURINA DM for diabetes and PURINA SO for bladder stones.

We have special prescribed foods and medications for both dogs and cats...

photo of canned foods available at Kingston Kennel photo of canned foods available at Kingston Kennel

in cans and bags

photo of bagged food available at Kingston Kennel photo of prescription pet food at Kingston Kennel

Prescription foods

Kingston Kennel Office Kingston Kennel Office

and Pet Medications

photo of pharmacy at Kingston Kennel photo of flea, tick and heartworm medications at Kingston Kennel