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Veterinary Hospital
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The links on this page will provide you with both interesting and valuable information regarding the care and well being of your pets.

This link is to the American Kennel Club site. At this site you can view information about all recognized breeds, find out how judges evaluate dogs at shows, the history of the breed and other entertaining information.

The Cornell Feline Health Center site contains timely information for cat owners and contains references to past studies and information regarding both the health and care of your feline pet.

The FDA Center of Veterinary Medicine site contains timely information regarding data on the recent pet food recalls.

Once you complete exploring these sites, simply close the browser window using the box on the upper right corner of the new window that opened and you will return to this page.


These sites are worth a visit for both enjoyment and valuable information regarding both dogs...

photo of dog boarded at Kingston Kennel photo of dog boarded at Kingston Kennel

and cats

photo of cat boarded at Kingston Kennel photo of cat boarded at Kingston Kennel